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General information about Molde Culture School

Molde Culture School provides education in various arts and culture subjects. The teaching is adapted to different age groups, and we have offerings within dance, visual art, music, writing and theater. With us all people can, based on their prerequisites, experience being part of a community through mastering, experiencing, and performing in their area of study.

Most of the offerings at the cultural school are based around weekly lessons with a teacher, but some offerings are shorter courses or drop-in sessions. We have classes in several places throughout Molde and Gjemnes municipalities.

Most of our classes are for children and youth aged 6-19 years, but we also have several offerings for children 0-5 years, adults, and seniors over 60 years.

The Norwegian Directorate for Education and Training has made a short film describing what a culture school is. The film can be seen in several languages here:

Where do you find us?

Most of the activity at Molde Culture School takes place in the center of Molde. Our address is Fridtjof Nansens gate 7. We have many special rooms adapted for our disciplines. It is a short distance from Molde trafikkterminal (bus station) to us. Our other main locations are in Midsund, Eidsvåg and Batnfjorden.

Many may also receive cultural school instruction at their school, depending upon your age and what class you want to attend. Contact us if you are wondering what exists in your local area. You can find more information about this on our website. You can find contact information for our employees here:

How do you apply?

We have an electronic application form (link). Our main application deadline is March 15th, but we accept students all year round, provided we have the capacity. In the application form, we need a personal identification number and contact information and e-mail for a parent, as well as information about the student applying. If you need help submitting an application, call us on 7111 1520 or stop by the office at Fridtjof Nansens gate 7. When you have been accepted to a class, you will be contacted by the teacher about the schedule and any other information you need.

Prices and free tuition

The culture school sends an invoice once a semester, which is sent from Molde municipality. Prices can be found here:
We offer good discounts for families with several students. We also offer free tuition for low-income families. You can apply for free tuition in the application form, and you will quickly receive an answer as to whether you qualify or not.


Short information about our offerings

We offer most instruments and song, both in classical and rhythmic music. Click here to find the different instruments. There are weekly lessons with a teacher who will normally alternate between periods of individual and group lessons.

We have several instruments for rent, check the application form if you want to rent an instrument.

There are many wind bands in Molde for both children/youth and adults. Molde Culture School works closely with the school bands in Molde, and instrument lessons are provided via the culture school. You can apply to play a woodwind instrument, brass instrument, or percussion/drums. If you wish to apply for a place in a school band, select the band that belongs to your school in the application form. If you are wondering what wind band is, then this film can give an insight (it only has Norwegian speech)

We have age-based dance classes in different styles such as hip hop, jazz, modern, and classical/ballet. Click here to see what's available for the age you're interested in. Most of our dance classes require no prior dance experience to participate and they are open to everyone. There are also separate dance classes for adults and seniors. It is possible to attend several dance classes per week for those who wish. We offer dance classes in Midsund, Molde, Batnfjorden, Eidsvåg, and at some schools. During the year we arrange dance shows where most students get to perform. They can also participate in other arenas in the culture school.

Theatre is about pretending to be someone else and stepping into roles. In our theater groups, we focus on well-being, safety, and group work. We have theater groups divided by age that have weekly classes, and there are theatre groups in Molde and Midsund. Through various theater and drama exercises, you will learn how to use your body and voice to play a role, how to invent your own stories or play a story from a script, and how to create theatrical performances. The theater groups put on their own performances throughout the year. Students can also participate in other arenas in the cultural school.

Visual Arts
Do you like to draw, paint, create something creative and want to develop your creative skills? In art, we offer great breadth and knowledge in different techniques and visual forms of expression such as drawing, painting, collage, sculpture / installation. By taking art lessons you will learn various basic techniques with the main objective that you will master a craft.

Classes are taught weekly in age-based groups, normally with about 10 students per group. Students work on both individual assignments and group projects, and participate in at least one exhibition during the school year.
We offer art classes for different age groups in Midsund, Molde, Eidsvåg, Eresfjord, and Batnfjord.

Writing is for those who like to write, whether they have written a lot or a little. Here the students can explore a personal expression where words and text are the main elements of the expression.

The students will develop joy through use of good form, narrative and communication, and by using concepts and texts in different contexts. Here, the creativity is the most important, not the spelling. The goal is to stimulate the student’s joy of writing and desire to read.

The writing groups meet every two weeks. We have separate groups for senior (over 60) and youth.